Nate ChapelName
Alexandra "Lexy" Chapel

Ring Name
Lexy Chapel

October 26th, 1993




North London, England


Entrance Music
Cynics & Critics by Icon for Hire

Entrance Description
As the spotlights flash across the stage and the video screens come to life, “Cynics and Critics” by Icon For Hire hits the PA system.

“We’re not cynics; we just don’t believe a word you say
We’re not critics, we just hate it all anyway”

As the music continues we see the curtain part and Lexy Chapel walks out on to the stage dressed in red, white and blue ring attire, designed in the pattern of the British Union Flag. She stands on the stage for a moment before the curtain parts again and we see British wrestling legend Lucas Knight join her on the stage.

. T H E . C H A P E L . S H O W .

Lucas taps Lexy on the back and together they start to make their way to the ring. When almost at the ring Lexy runs the remainder of the way and jumps up on to the ring apron before posing on the apron for a moment. Lucas makes his way down to ringside and begins to walk around the ring.

“Oh this is all we know
Oh tragic and miserable
We’re not cynics, we just don’t believe a word you say
We’re not critics, we just hate it all anyway
Oh this is all we’ve got
Oh we do what we’ve been taught
We’re not cynics, we just don’t believe a word you say
We’re not critics, we just hate it all anyway”

Lexy climbs between the ropes and enters the ring. She climbs the turnbuckles, standing on the middle ropes before pointing at herself and shouting out at the fans. At ringside Lucas applauds her and Lexy laughs before jumping down and walking to her corner. We see Lucas jumping up on to the ring apron. He talks to her while covering his mouth, obviously discussing strategy as Lexy listens and nods.

Physical Appearance
At only 5'4", Lexy Chapel isn't physically intimidating but is stunningly beautiful. Despite being a natural blonde, Lexy has her hair dyed a deep shade of red. She’s got an incredibly athletic appearance and a normally has a cheerful smile.

Ring Attire
Lexy’s new ring attire is hot pants and a bra-top in the colours and pattern of the British Union Flag. She also wears elbow and knee pads and knee-high boots.

The daughter of well-established British wrestling veterans Union Jack (Damien Adams) and Panther (Helen Brooke-Adams), Lexy is a second-generation wrestling prodigy. Unwilling to make the same mistakes her parents made however, and having fallen for Nathan Chapel, son of Union Jack's greatest rival Victor Vicious (Victor Chapel), she eloped with him to America to start a new life, and begin their wrestling careers in the United States, where their parents were never able to establish themselves. After starting up their own web-show, “The Chapel Show”, Lexy found moderate success on the independent scene but clearly had greater ambitions. She was recruited by life-long family friend Lucas Knight, son of her father’s former tag-partner Jacky Knight, and with Lucas’s influence in her life her attitude changed from bubbly and excitable to more determined. Thanks to his influence, Lexy now cares more about herself and furthering her own career than she does about pleasing the people around her.

Lexy has been described by many as "bubbly" and "out-going", and having grown up in the wrestling business lacks many of the fears that most have coming in to the business. Having been born in to the spotlight due to her parents' careers there is little that phases Lexy when it comes to public attention. She's extremely extrovert, bordering on exhibitionist, but yet she's fiercy loyal to those she loves, especially when it comes to her relationship with her husband, Nathan Chapel. Recently she’s been showing a more selfish streak than she’s previously had, looking to further her own career even if it means not always doing the popular thing.

1. Quick
2. Agile
3. Charismatic

1. Lacks physical strength
2. Refuses to give up
3. Inexperienced in high pressure situations

Throughout the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's there were few names in professional wrestling bigger than the name of Union Jack in the British and European wrestling scenes. A multiple time British Heavyweight Champion, Union Jack made a name for himself early in his career with a rivalry against fellow British star Victor Vicious, a rivalry they took to Japan in the 1980's as well. What started as a rivalry between the two of them turned to complete hatred between the two men when Victor's manager, Panther, left Vicious to join forces with Union Jack in the early 1980's, and the bad blood between the three individuals would never be calmed.

Born on October 26th, 1993, Alexandra Adams was the youngest daughter of Union Jack (Damien Adams) and Panther (Helen Brooke-Adams), the youngest of three children including older brothers Damien Adams Jr. and Harry Adams, both of whom entered the wrestling business in the mid-2000's, as Britannic and The British Lion respectively. Lexy grew up in the middle of the feud between her family and the Chapel family, which made it incredibly weird for her when she found herself at the same university in North London as Victor Vicious' youngest son Nathan. Despite the initial distrust between the two of them they quickly started to become friends, much to the chagrin of their fathers. Damien went so far as to forbid his daughter to be friends with the son of his rival, forcing Lexy to keep her distance from Nathan.

Despite not wanting to hurt her family however, Lexy found it almost impossible to avoid Nathan completely and soon the two of them started to fall for each other. When the situation started to get out of hand and their personal lives began to unravel, Nate and Lexy decided to run away together and eloped to Las Vegas to start their own life together, where they were married on November 1st, 2013. With no money however and no way they could now return home to face the wrath of their families, the two second-generation stars elected to begin their own careers together in the United States. Changing her name to Alexandra Chapel, the two began to form what would become The Chapel Show.

After an injury to Nate early in his career, Lexy was forced to go solo on the independent scene. She struggled to make much money, having to work part-time as a waitress while also wrestling. This led to a building resentment in her due to the high profile, high money contracts that others seemed to be signed to. Despite her struggles financially Lexy managed moderate success on the independent scene, but she wanted more. In early 2015, after a growing resentment toward many things began to build in her, life-long family friend Lucas Knight offered to help her. He put her in touch with the Independent Wrestling Cartel, and used his contacts within the company to acquire a contract for her. Now, under the tutelage of the former multi-time World Champion, Lexy is looking to learn everything she can break out in to the big time.

Wrestling Style:
High risk/Daredevil

1. Raising The Standard (Phoenix Splash)
2. Explicit Content (Package Piledriver, used on smaller opponents she can lift)
3. London's Falling (Diving double foot stomp to a tree of woe hung opponent)

Signature Moves
1. Something Wicked (Superkick)
2. Critical Review (Sitout Facebuster, often a counter to a powerbomb or a setup for Raising the Standard)
3. Dental Check (Springboard Roundhouse Kick, another setup for Raising the Standard)
4. Union Jack Attack (Reserve STO - Used as a tribute to her father)

Regular Moves
1. Arm-Wrench Inside Cradle
2. Asai DDT
3. Baseball Slide
4. Bulldog
5. Diving Crossbody
6. Diving Hurricanrana
7. Headscissors Takedown
8. Knife-Edge Chop
Multiple Arm-Drag Variations, Including:
9. Japanese Armdrag
10. Spingboard Armdrag
11. Tilt-A-Whirl Armdrag
Multiple Dropkick Variations, Including:
12. Dropkick
13. Missile Dropkick
14. Springboard Dropkick
Multiple Leg Drop Variations, Including:
15. Diving Leg Drop
16. Running Leg Drop
Multiple Moonsault Variations, Including:
17. Asai Moonsault
18. Split-Legged Moonsault
19. Springboard Moonsault
20. Top-Rope Moonsault
21. Rolling Wheel Kick
22. Snapmare
23. Suicide Dive
24. Tornado DDT
25. Wheelbarrow Bodyscissors into Bulldog

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